“Amazing woman who just gets it!  I can’t ever wait to see Lorna. 

I always come out of our meetings feeling great & clearer minded ” ~ Lianne. J



I work with people like you also looking for happiness & progression & who know deep down inside that they too are destined for greater things.

Does what you have achieved look great from the outside & you feel it “should” be enough but it isn’t because there is something still holding you back & you are so unfulfilled?

Are bad habits still in play and you lack motivation, interest & energy?

Have past experiences or personal relationships created uncertainty & you feel stuck & isolated?


Do you need new challenges, inspiration, excitement with success?

Are you ready to challenge your current reality & make subtle changes to get the life you want and know you deserve? If yes, then i can help you because


What I Offer You Is Unique To Other Coaches

Aside from my powerful solution focused coaching style and insightful visionary skills, I can invigorate and strengthen your achievements by offering Clinical Hypnotherapy & the latest neurological NLP tools to reprogram the memories & past experiences responsible for keeping you stuck in your current limited & repetitive life cycle.

This means I am not only an expert at supporting you to gain clear thinking on what you want & creating the steps to get there but I can also access and address the root to what is holding you back so it is possible to create powerful change that sustains.


“After working with Lorna things are different in a really good way.

It’s like you have been injected with energy & strength”  ~  Rochelle


It never ceases to amaze me what my clients achieve, so if you are also ready now do things different & progress in a fun and professional way, I would love to learn more about you & discuss how we can create the life you would love to live.

Please also feel free to explore my site further.